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French names that start with 'G'

Many French names that begin with ‘G’ have Germanic origins. These include female names such as Geneviève and Géraldine, as well as male names such as Gérard, Guillaume, and Gilbert.

In general, however, many French names originate from Latin because French is a language that evolved from Latin.

French girl names that start with G

In France, many regional languages have coexisted alongside French. Breton —a Celtic language from Brittany— is one of these languages. And it has many names that start with the letter ‘G’ because the Breton word “gwenn” (which means “white” or “pure”) is often used in the formation of Breton names.

Many of these Breton names have entered the French language, resulting in several additional French names that begin with the letter ‘G’:

Here are some rare French female names that begin with the letter ‘G’:

French boy’s names that start with G

There are many French male names that start with the letter ‘G’:

The letter ‘w’ is rarely used in French (for instance, none of the thousand most common French words contain a ‘w’). As a result, English names that start with a ‘W’, often have French equivalents that begin with the letter ‘G’ instead; some examples are Guillaume (William) and Gauthier (Walter).

French first names that begin with ‘G’ among historical figures and public personalities

A famous namesake can provide a name with additional appeal. In the case of French names that begin with ‘G’, there are many famous people with such names. Examples are listed in the table below:

Person Occupation
Sainte Geneviève Patron saint of Paris
Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel (Coco Chanel) French fashion designer and founder of Chanel
Gustave Eiffel French engineer whose company built the Eiffel Tower
Gérard Depardieu French actor
Gérard Jugnot French actor
Gérard Lanvin French actor
Georges Pompidou former French president and lover of modern art
Georges Brassens French songwriter and singer
Georges Bizet French composer
Guy de Maupassant 19th-century French writer
Gabriel Fauré French pianist and classical music composer
Gilbert du Motier (Marquis de Lafayette) French general who fought in the American Revolutionary War
Gaston Lagaffe Fictional comic book character
Gaspard Monge French mathematician born in the mid-18th century who participated in Napoleon's campaign in Egypt
Guillaume Apollinaire Early 20th century French poet

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French last names that start with G