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French names that start with 'S'

French names starting with 'S', such as Sylvie, Solène, and Solange, are charming and naturally draw attention because of the soft and soothing yet high-frequency sound of the letter 'S'.

French girl names that start with 'S'

Many French girl names that begin with 'S' can be traced back to Latin roots such as “silva” (the Latin word for “forest”) and “sollemnis” (which means “solemn”).

The following girl names have a poetic and enchanting feel because they are derived from “silva”, the Latin word for “forest”.

The following French girl names have an aura of dignity and respect because they are derived from “sollemnis”, a Latin adjective meaning “solemn”.

Although France is a language that evolved from Latin, it has some terms that come from Greek as well. Here are some French girl names starting with the letter ‘S’ that come from Greek:

And here are some more names French female names that begin with the letter “S” and do not fit into the previous groups:

It's worth mentioning that in French, the letter 'C' is pronounced like an 'S' sound when it is followed by an 'e', an 'i', or a 'y'. So, French girl names like Céline, Cécile, and Célestine are phonetically similar to names that start with the letter 'S'. This is also the case for French boy names like Cédric, Cyril, and Cyprien.

French boy names that start with 'S'

Perhaps due to its soft and smooth sound, the letter ‘S’ is more frequently encountered at the beginning of French girl names than boy names. But there are still some boy names that start with this letter.

French last names that start with S