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French names that start with 'L'

In phonetics, the letter “L” is called a liquid consonant, and it does have a smooth and flowing sound. It's no wonder that many beautiful French names start with this letter.

French girl names that start with L

Many of the French girl names that begin with “L” have elegance, sophistication, and beauty. Whether it's the classic and timeless “Louise,” the charming and contemporary “Léa,” or the unique and enchanting “Ludivine”, each of these names reflects the beauty of the French language.

Many French girl names starting with 'L' can be traced back to three Latin roots: “lucis”, “laurus” and “leo”.

The first root is “lucis”, a declined form of the Latin word “lux” which means “light”. This root is present in French names like Lucie, Lucile, Lucienne, and Lucette. It gives these names a radiant and luminous charm.

The second root is “laurus”, a Latin word that refers to the bay laurel. This plant is enjoyed as an aromatic herb, but in ancient Greece and Rome, it also symbolized victory and achievement. Winners were often crowned with laurel wreaths. This root can be found in girl names like Laure, Laurine and Lauriane.

The third root, “leo” —a Latin word that means “lion”— appears in names like Léonie, Léontine, and Léone, and gives them a majestic and powerful aura.

French boy’s names that start with L

French last names that start with L

There are many French surnames that start with the letter ‘L’ because these often begin with the French masculine definite article “le”. For example, Lemaire is a French last name that can be interpreted as meaning “the mayor” (“maire” being the French word for “mayor”).

Below is a list of many of the most common French last names that start with “L”: