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French names that start with 'F'

François and Françoise are quitessentially French names. Their resemblance to the country name France is not a coincidence; They originate from the same Latin root as the country name.

François and Françoise are not the only lovely French names that begin with the letter ‘F’. There are plenty more. These include male names like Fabrice and Florent, and female names like Floriane and Francine. And many more are listed below.

French girl names that start with 'F'

Several French female names that begin with the letter ‘F’ have a floral theme. Names such as Florence, Floriane, and Florine are related to the Latin word “florens” which means “blooming” or “flowering”.

There is also Flore, a name derived from “floris” (a form of the Latin word for “flower”). And, of course, Fleur —the French word for “flower”— is also a female name.

Another group of French girl names that begin with the letter ‘F’ are related to the country name France. Françoise, for instance, is an elegant and popular name related to the Latin word “Francus” which refers to the French (and the Franks).

France is a female name directly borrowed from the country’s name. It is not widely used, probably because of the potential for confusion —but it is the origin of more frequently used names like Francine.

French boy’s names that start with 'F'

French last names that start with 'F'