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Spanish Congratulations for Weddings, Engagements, and New Babies

If you are reading this, it is probably because you have Spanish-speaking friends, colleagues, or family members who are going through a good time in their lives. They have fallen in love and now they are getting engaged, marrying each other, or having a new baby.

You are aware that it is something to celebrate, but you are not sure of how to congratulate them in Spanish.

Don’t panic — in this guide, we will show you Spanish wedding congratulations phrases, how to give wedding blessings in Spanish, and the vocabulary necessary for these happy, life-changing situations.

Wedding card messages in Spanish

Congratulating newlyweds in Spanish can be more difficult for you if you want to do it on a wedding card, especially because you can’t simply write «felicitaciones» (“congratulations”). Normally, the message on a wedding card is a bit longer and a bit more specific than that.

It may also change depending on how well you know the couple. But here are some Spanish wedding congratulations phrases that you can perfectly use in a wedding card:

Spanish English
Felicitaciones [a ambos] por su boda Congratulations [to both of you] on your wedding
¡Que vivan los novios! Hurray for the bride and the groom!
Mis mejores deseos en el día de su boda Best wishes on your wedding day
Estoy feliz de compartir este día tan especial con ustedes I’m happy to share this special day with you
Que sean muy felices juntos May you both be very happy together
Les deseo amor y felicidad para toda la vida Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness

Wedding blessings in Spanish tend to be similar as they are mainly focused on congratulating and wishing the best for the newlyweds.

Spanish English
[Ojalá] Que tengan una hermosa vida juntos Wishing you have a beautiful life together
[Ojalá] Que su amor dure para siempre May your love be everlasting
[Ojalá] Que su futuro esté lleno de amor y felicidad May your future be filled with love and happiness

► Note that «ojalá» is a word that can’t be directly translated as “may” but it does express your hopes and wishes for the newlyweds.

► Religious ceremonies may have different wedding blessings that vary depending on the religion. These are more detailed and specific while the ones we have presented are more general.

► A common synonym for «boda» is «casamiento», which can refer to the marriage ceremony or the wedding itself. These terms are interchangeable most of the time, except in countries like Argentina where the word «casamiento» is more common than «boda».

By the way, if you want to learn Spanish, check out this Spanish course.

What to write on a Spanish wedding card when you can't attend?

Sadly, you don’t always have the opportunity to go to a wedding that you have been invited to. In this case, you can write a Spanish wedding card not only congratulating the newlyweds but also apologizing for your absence.

There are several ways to say “sorry” in Spanish: «lo siento», «perdón», «discúlpame» (or «discúlpenme» if you are addressing both the bride and the groom).

«Disculpar» is a verb that means apologize. «Perdón» comes from the act of «pedir perdón», which is equivalent to asking for forgiveness. Both of them are valid in this context.

To form a phrase using them, add «por» and introduce the reason. In this case, it is missing your friend’s or family member’s wedding. So the sentence would look like this:

Spanish English
Perdón por no poder asistir a la boda I’m sorry I can’t attend the wedding
Lo siento por perderme tu (or su) boda I’m sorry I’m missing your wedding
Discúlpame por no poder ir [a la boda] I’m sorry I can’t go [to the wedding]

You can also say something like «lamento no poder estar ahí». The word «lamento» comes from the verb «lamentar» and can be directly translated as “lament”, but it has an apologizing tone.

The card can also include phrases like these:

Spanish English
Estoy muy triste por no poder acompañarlos en su vida I’m very sad for not being able to be there with you in your wedding
Les envío mis felicitaciones y cariño desde aquí Sending you my congratulations and affection from here
Espero que la pasen muy bien I hope you have a great time
Les deseo una gran boda Wishing you a great wedding
Les deseo un buen inicio de su nueva vida Wishing you a good start of your new life
Buena suerte en su boda Good luck on your wedding

Writing wedding thank you cards in Spanish

If you are the one getting married, you might want to write a Spanish wedding thank you card. These are cards that show gratefulness to the guests that made it to the ceremony and/or the party.

Here are some examples of what you can read on a Spanish wedding thank you card:

Spanish English
Gracias por celebrar con nosotros Thank you for celebrating with us
Gracias por el apoyo en nuestro gran día Thank you for your support in our big day
Gracias por venir a nuestra boda Thank you for coming to our wedding
Gracias por estar aquí Thank for you for being here
Gracias por ser parte de nuestro gran día Thank you for being part of our big day
Agradecemos mucho a nuestra familia y amigos por compartir este día con nosotros We are very thankful to our family and friends for sharing this day with us
Nuestro día de bodas no sería igual sin ustedes, ¡gracias por venir! Our wedding day wouldn’t be the same without you, thank you for coming!
Su presencia hace este día mucho más especial, ¡gracias por venir! Your presence makes this day much more special, thank you for coming!

Spanish engagement wishes

Maybe the couple is not getting married but they have just jumped to the previous stage —the engagement.

It is still something to celebrate and you can do it with several phrases:

Spanish English
Felicitaciones por su compromiso Congratulations on your engagement
Les deseo todo lo mejor en su compromiso Wishing you all the best in your engagement
¡Feliz compromiso! Happy engagement!
¡Felicitaciones! ¿Y cuándo es la boda? Congratulations! And when is the wedding?
Estoy muy feliz por ustedes I’m very happy for you two
Espero que sean muy felices juntos I hope you are very happy together

Baby congratulations in Spanish

What if the couple is now having a new baby? The first thing that you can say is «felicidades por el nuevo bebé» or «enhorabuena por el nuevo bebé» (both meaning “congratulations on your new baby”).

Here are some more Spanish phrases which you can use to congratulate a couple for their new baby:

Spanish English
Muchas felicidades a los nuevos padres Congratulations to the new parents
Felicidades por el nacimiento de tu (or su) bebé Congratulations on your baby’s birth
Les deseo lo mejor a ustedes y a su bebé Wishing you the best to you [the parents] and your baby
Estoy feliz de oír esta noticia I’m happy to hear this news
Estoy seguro(a) de que serán excelentes padres I’m sure that you’ll be excellent parents
Que Dios proteja a este nuevo bebé May God protect this new baby
Que nazca sano [el bebé] May your newborn be healthy

In this article we have covered Spanish vocabulary and phrases which are helpful for writing congratulations for weddings, engagements, and new babies.

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