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Easy Russian Phrases

Russian is one of the world’s most spoken languages. As such, it is a language that is worth learning and mastering. Imagine being able to speak this unique language. Imagine being able to read Russian classic literature and enjoy listening to Russian music.

And imagine being able to appreciate Russia’s extraordinary culture in the process. Ah! Those are just a few of the things you can do and enjoy by studying Russian. In this entry, I’ll give you an overview of the Russian language, why it’s worth learning, and how you can teach yourself the language.

Russian Phrases For Every Situation

We know you’re excited to learn actual Russian, so in this section, we’ve put together Russian phrases that you can use for every situation. Many locals don’t speak or understand English, so it makes sense to learn a few Russian phrases before traveling to the country. Let’s start with some basic Russian Greetings.

Basic Russian Greetings

• Good morning!
Доброе утро!
(Dobroye utro!)
• Good afternoon!
Добрый день!
(Dobryy den!)
• Good evening!
Добрый вечер!
(Dobryy vecher!)

Different Ways to Say Hello:

• Hello!
(zdravstvuyte) [Formal]
• Hi!
• Hi!/Howdy!
• Hello!
(privetstvuyu) [Somewhat formal]
• Hello!
(allo) [Used for when answering the phone]
• Welcome!
Добро пожаловать!
(Dobro pozhalovat`!)
• Long time no see!
Давно не виделись!
(davno ne videlis')

Complimenting a person in Russian

Compliments break down the barrier between interlocutors and allow a person to open up and feel more comfortable. If you want to attract a person to yourself, here are some useful phrases.

• You look perfect today!
Сегодня ты выглядишь прекрасно!
(Segodnya ty vyhlyadyshʹ prekrasno!)
• That's a good looking dress!
Это очень красивое платье!
(Eto ochen' krasivoye plat'ye!)
• This jacket definitely suits you!
Этот пиджак точно тебе подходит!
(Etot zhaket tochno tebe idet!)
• Cool haircut!
Крутая стрижка!
(Krutaya strizhka!)
• You're so polite!
Ты такой вежливый!
(Ty takoy vezhlivyy!)
• I like your outfit!
Мне нравится твой наряд!
(mne nravitsya tvoy naryad!)
• You are so cute!
Ты такой милый!
(Ty takoy milyy!)

For more on this, here is a full article on Russian compliments.

How to Introduce Yourself in Russian

• My name is …
Меня зовут …
(Menya zovut …)
• You can call me …
Можно просто …
(Mozhno prosto …)
• I am … years old.
Мне … лет
(Mne … let)
• I am from …
Я из …
(Ya iz …)
• I am a tourist.
Я турист.
(Ya turist)
• I work as a …
Я работаю …
(Ya rabotayu … )

Essential Polite Russian Phrases

The ability to be polite is one of the main qualities that shows you as a person. In Russian, as in many languages of the world, there are templates for politeness.

• Thank you!
• Thanks!
• You are welcome.
• Help me, please
Помоги мне, пожалуйста…
(pomogi mne, Pozhaluysta!)
• Tell me, please
Скажи мне, пожалуйста…
(Skazhi mne, pozhaluysta!)
• Bless you.
Будь здоров!
(Bud' zdorov!) [When somebody sneezes]
• Pleasure is mine.
Не за что! Рад помочь!
(Ne za chto!) (Rad pomoch')
• Excuse me...!
Извините! Прошу прощения!
(Izvinite!) (Proshu proschenia!)
• Nice to meet you!
Приятно познакомиться!
(Priyatno poznakomitsya!)

Romantic Russian phrases

One of the first things that interests beginners in learning a new language is the phrase "I love you". Romantic themes have always been very important in the study of language, which is why I propose to consider a few common expressions.

• I love you!
Я люблю тебя!
(Ya lyublu tebya!)
• I like your eyes!
Мне нравятся твои глаза!
(Mne nravyatsya tovi glaza!)
• I fell in love with you
Я влюбился в тебя!
(Ya vlyubylsya v tebya!)
• You look perfect today!
Ты сегодня выглядишь прекрасно!
(Ti segodnya vigladish prekrasno!)
• You're so beautiful!
Ты такая красивая!
(Ti takaya krasivaya!)
• Can I hug you?
Можно обнять тебя?
(Mozhno obnyat' tebya!)
• May I kiss you?
Могу я тебя поцеловать?
(Mogu ya tebya potselovat'?)

What we have considered is just the tip of the iceberg. The theme of romance is by far the most varied among other topics. There may be changes in words for cute reasons, and interchanged words to focus attention on something. So never hesitate to explore this topic deeper. Think of it as such a call to arms that will ultimately help you to be original and graceful with your soul mate!

How to Say Goodbye in Russian

• Goodbye!
До свидания!
( Do svidaniya!) [Formal]
• Bye!
( Poka!)
• See you!
( Uvidimsya!)
• See you tomorrow!
До завтра!
( Do zavtra!)
• See you in the evening!
До вечера!
( Do vechera!)
• See you on Sunday
Увидимся в воскресенье! До воскресенья!
( Uvidimsya v voskresenie!) (Do voskreseniya!)

Notice how the form of the "See you" phrase with a specified time or day can vary.

Useful Phrases When Dining Out

This is one of the first situations where you need to apply your Russian at its best! Let's arm ourselves with the most universal phrases!

• Waiter!
• Do you have free seats?
У вас есть свободные места?
(U vas est' svobodnie mesta?)
• Can I ask you for a fork/spoon/knife?
Могу я попросить вилку/ложку/нож?
(Mogu ya poprosit' vylku/lozhku/nozh?)
• What dishes do you serve?
Какие блюда вы подаете?
(Kakie blyuda vi podaete?)
• Can I ask you for a menu, please?
Можно попросить меню, пожалуйста?
(Mozhno poprosit' menu, pozhaluysta?)
• Do you have something to drink?
У вас есть что-то выпить?
(U vas est' chto-to vipit'?)
• How much does it cost?
Сколько это стоит?
(Skolko eto stoit?)
• Can we have the check, please?
Можно пожалуйста чек?
(Mozhno pozhaluysta chek?)

Phrases to Use When Shopping in Russia

Regardless of whether you are traveling or doing a business trip, everyone wants to bring a souvenir from another country. For this, we will consider a list of approximate phrases and situations that you may encounter.

•  How much does it cost?
Сколько это стоит?
(Skolko eto stoit?)
•  Give me a check, please
Дайте мне чек, пожалуйста!
(Daite mne chek, pozhaluysta!)
• Excuse me, where is the currency exchange?
Извините, где здесь обмен валют?
(Izvinite, gde zdes' obmen valyut?)
• Do you accept dollars or euros?
Вы принимаете доллары или евро?
(Vi prinimaete dollary ili evro?)
• Can I pay by card?
Могу я рассчитаться кредитной картой?
(Mogu ya rasschitat'sya kreditnoy kartoy?)
•  Can you lower the price, please?
Можете снизить цену, пожалуйста?
(Можете снизить цену, пожалуйста?)

Phrases to Use When Asking for Help

•  Can I ask you a favor?
Я могу попросить тебя об услуге?
(Ya mogu poprosit' tebya ob usluge?)
•  Help me!
Помоги мне!
(Pomogi mne!)
•  Can I ask you for help?
Я могу попросить у тебя помощи?
(Ya mogu poprosit' u tebya pomoschi?)
•  Call the ambulance!
Вызовите скорую помощь!
(Vizovite skoruyu pomoshch!)
•  Where is the police station?
Где здесь полицейский участок?
(Gde zdes' politseyskiy uchastok?)
•  Can I borrow your umbrella?
Я могу одолжить твой зонт?
(Ya mogu odolzhit' tvoi zont?)

Russian travel phrases

Travel is an integral part of learning any language. Can you imagine how many friends you can find while traveling in the country whose language you are learning? Here are some universal phrases to help you travel.

•  Where is the nearest subway?
Где здесь ближайшее метро?
(Gde zdes' blizhayshee metro?)
•  Where is the WC here?
Где здесь туалет?
(Gde zdes' tualet?)
•  How can I get there?
Как я могу туда добраться?
(Kak ya mogu dobrat'sya tuda?)
• Is this place close?
Это место близко?
(Eto mesto blizko?)
• Here is my passport.
Вот мой паспорт.
(Vot moi passport)
• I'm from England.
Я из Англии.
(Ya iz Anglii!)
• Is there any hotel here?
Здесь поблизости есть отель?
(Zdes' poblizosti yest' otel'?)
• Do you have any rooms for tonight?
У вас есть свободные комнаты на сегодня?
(U vas yest' svobodnyye komnaty na segodnya?)
• Are there any activities for today?
Есть ли какие-нибудь мероприятия на сегодня?
(Yest' li kakiye-nibud' meropriyatiya na segodnya?)
• Tell me please, where is the nearest gas station?
Скажи мне пожалуйста, где ближайшая заправка?
(Skazhi mne pozhaluysta, gde blizhayshaya zapravka?)

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