Welsh Girl Names: the full guide

Welsh is one of the major Celtic languages, this is why Welsh names represent an important group among Celtic names.

Learning about Welsh names can be an entry point to the stories and culture of Wales. It can also provide an appreciation for the subtleties of the Welsh language.

Some Welsh names originate from Welsh mythology, while others are simply Welsh vocabulary words that have evolved into names. This article covers Welsh girl names, starting with the most common ones, then moving on to rare names.

Most Popular Welsh Girl Names

Not every popular name used in Wales is of Welsh origin. But this list focuses on names that are either of Welsh origin or have been influenced by the Welsh language.


Alys is a Welsh version of the name Alice, a similar version of which can be found historically in Old German and Spanish. The meaning of the name is “nobility” or “noble”.


The name Cadi is thought to have originated as a diminutive form of Catrin, although it has since become a name in its own right. It is also thought to be related to the Greek name Cady, meaning pure.


Eira is the Welsh word for snow. However, something interesting to consider is that the same name has appeared based on the Norse goddess Eir, and that Sanskrit also possesses the female name Eira, originating from the Goddess of Wisdom.


The origin of the Welsh girl name Eleri is uncertain, but many think it comes from the river Eleri in Ceredigion, Wales. Eleri was also a Welsh princess, the daughter of king Brychan the 5th.


Elin is perhaps a variation of the name Helen. Similar girls’ names in Welsh include Elen, Elena, and Eleni.

According to Welsh legend, Saint Elen Luyddog of Caernarfon was the wife of Roman emperor Magnus Maximus: she ordered the construction of the roads connecting several key parts of Wales during the late 4th century.

Going even further back, the antlered female goddess Elen of the Ways potentially dates back to the Old Stone Age, making this an ancient name with powerful, mystical origins.


The name Erin is more likely to be of Irish than of Welsh origin, meaning “from the island to the west”. However, linguists state that the name is also very similar to the old Welsh name for Ireland.


One explanation of the girl's name Ffion is that it comes from a Welsh word meaning “foxglove” (a poisonous but beautiful flower) or from the Irish name Fíona, derived from a word meaning “vine”.

Another explanation, however, is that this name originates from the Gaelic word fionn, meaning white or fair.


Lowri is a Welsh form of the name Laura, which in itself stems from the word laurel - the ancient tree that produces bay leaves.


The name Mali seems to have many meanings, as well as being a country in Africa. It is thought to perhaps be a Welsh version of Molly or a nickname from the name Mair.

Keep in mind that Mali is a girl’s name in many languages; for example, in Arabic it means rich or full, and in Thai it refers to the jasmine flower.


Originally a diminutive of Margaret, Megan has developed into a name in its own right.

Margaret comes from the Greek word margarites, meaning “pearl”. Another name that originates from this word is Mererid.

The name Megan is popular in the US as well as in Wales.


A very popular name in Wales, Nia originates from the Irish Niamh, meaning bright or radiant. This is another name that appears in multiple languages: in Swahili, Nia means resolve or purpose.

The name was perhaps made popular by the poem Tir Na n-Og by the Welsh poet T. Gwynn Jones, in which the hero falls in love with Nia Ben Aur.


Seren is, quite simply, the Welsh word for star. The name may have been made more popular by the tennis player Serena Williams, although the origin of the name is different.

More Popular Welsh Girl Names

Looking more broadly at names that have been popular over the last few decades, here you can learn more Welsh girl names. Several of these names are still used today, although they are perhaps increasingly common as middle names.

You might notice that, compared to the most popular recent names, several names are long and complex – perhaps demonstrating the beauty of the Welsh language more accurately.


The word ‘alaw’ refers to a melody or air, although the name could also refer to the River Alaw on the isle of Anglesey.


Thought to be the feminine version of the name Alwyn, meaning white, pure, or beautiful. Similar names that you may enjoy include Alwenna, Arwen (meaning ‘noble maiden’), Anwen, or Olwen (‘white footprint’).

The Welsh girl name Awen is also popular; those who have studied Druidry may recognize Awen as the word for the Muse of inspiration that hits during a period of creativity or connection to the divine.


Angharad is a pretty name that means “much loved” – you can see here the root câr, from the Welsh word cariad (love).

The name is deeply connected to Welsh mythology and history, for example, in Arthurian legends, Angharad was the lover of the Knight Percival.

Angharad Golden-Hand appears in the Mabinogion, while many nobles have been named Angharad – for example, the daughter of Owain Gwynedd, King of Gwynedd (1100-1170).


The Welsh name Bethan is derived from the name Elizabeth, which is thought to come from the Hebrew or Greek name Elisheba, meaning “oath of God”.

The form Bethan is more commonly found in Wales, while forms such as Beth, Liz, or Betty are more frequent in English.


Branwen: This Welsh girl's name comes from “bran” – raven – and “wen”, meaning white, fair/beautiful, or blessed.

In the Mabinogion, Branwen was considered to be the most beautiful maiden in the world – although the story ultimately ends in tragedy and heartbreak.

Variations of this name include Bronwen (meaning “white breast”).


In the name Carys, you may recognize again the root term car from the Welsh word cariad (which means “love”), combined with the suffix -ys which appears in many other Welsh names (e.g. Dilys, Glenys, Nerys).

This Welsh girl’s name means “love” and has several variations, such as Caryl, Cari, or Cerys.


In Welsh mythology, Ceridwen was the name of a powerful goddess (or witch) and the mother of the poet Taliesin.

This name originates from the Welsh word cerdd, which means “poem” or “song”, followed by the suffix wen, which appears at the end of many feminine Welsh names and means “fair”, “white” or “blessed”.


Like many Welsh girl names, Delyth is thought to mean pretty or blessed - from the word del, meaning pretty.


Dwynwen – Instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day on February 14th, many Welsh celebrate Saintess Dwynwen’s day on the 25th of January, as she is the patron saint of lovers.

The word dwyn has many meanings, most likely the name comes from the meaning to bring, to bear, or to carry, although it can also refer to a sand dune – “wen” again meaning blessed or fair.


Glenys – Likely to mean pure and clean. Other deviations include Glynis, or the similar Gladys or Glenda – names not quite as popular today.


The name Gwawr comes from the Welsh word gwawr which means “dawn” or “sunrise”.


Gwenllian is a pretty Welsh girl’s name, often shortened to Gwen.

This name comes from the Welsh word gwyn, which means “white”. The 2nd part of the name, “Llian”, either comes from the word lliant, meaning “flood” or “flow”, or from lliain meaning “made of linen”, so the name could also refer to a fine cloth.


Gwyneth – Gwyn is the Welsh word for white, and the name Gwyneth means blessed, happy, or fair. It is also a feminine version of the name Gwynedd, one of the main counties of Wales.


Haf is a Welsh girl’s name and is also the Welsh word for summer. This name is quite likely to appear as a middle name.


The Welsh name Iola is the feminine form of Iolo, a shortened form of Iorweth – from the Welsh word iôr meaning “God” or “the Lord”, and berth meaning fine or handsome.

Interestingly, Iola is also a Greek name meaning “violet-colored dawn”.


Llinos is a name thought to come from the bird linnet, or liniara.

This name starts with the notoriously tricky Welsh “ll” sound, so make sure you’re able to pronounce it correctly if you are naming your baby Llinos.


Mair – similar to the name Mari, Marir is a version of the name Mary or Maria, which originates from the Hebrew meaning bitter, drop of the sea, or beloved.

The name Mair is used in the Welsh Bible to refer to Mary, mother of Jesus, and most likely became popular for its religious associations.


Manon means “beautiful queen” or “wished-for-child”. It is also a popular name in France and Belgium, originating there from the name Marie.


The name Meinir is perhaps most famous from the legend of Meinir and Rhys, two lovers whose wedding day ended in tragedy. It comes from the Welsh word meinir, which means “maiden” or “tall and slender”.


Myfanwy – meaning “my fine one” or possibly “my woman” – from the prefix my (an older form of fy) meaning “my”, and either manwy ("fine, delicate") or banwy meaning "woman".

The name Myfanwy is most famously a popular Welsh song composed in 1875.


Rhiannon - Similar names include Rhian, Rhiain, and Rhianwen. The word rhiain is an old Welsh term for maiden, while the suffix wen again means fair or beautiful.

The Welsh girl's name Rhiannon is also thought to mean “divine feminine” or “great queen”.

In Celtic mythology, Rhiannon was a Goddess, and this name also appears in the Mabinogi as the beautiful, magical woman who marries Pwyll.


Siân – A Welsh form of the name Jane, deriving from the Hebrew meaning “God is merciful”. The name Sioned – which also corresponds to the English Janet or the Irish Sinéad – is an alternative.

Other Welsh Girl Names

Welsh has many musical names that dance off the tongue and provide music to the ears. Here are some other Welsh girl names that you might like to consider, which tend to come in and out of fashion over the years.

Rare or Older Welsh girl names

You may prefer names that are rarer or have fallen out of use in Wales. Many have interesting historical and etymological origins, and there’s no reason why they can’t expect to become more popular in the future.

Here are some rare Welsh girl names you may enjoy (it’s not to say you won’t find people with these names):


These are just a few of the names that you might find in Wales, although keep in mind that some of the most popular girls’ names in Wales right now are of English origin: Olivia, Amelia, Isla, and Rosie were the top four names given in Wales in 2020.

Traditionally Welsh names have waxed and waned in popularity, but there is no reason why mythological and historical names can’t make a comeback.

We hope this guide has given you some inspiration, whether you are looking for a Welsh name for your child, trying to name a character in a work of fiction, or just curious to learn about Welsh names.

This guide to Welsh girl names has a companion guide on Welsh boy names.