Spanish names that start with 'V'

Spanish girl names that start with 'V'

Valentina and Valeria

Valentina is the feminine form of the Spanish male name Valentín. Both originate from the Roman name Valentinus, itself derived from the Latin word “valens,” which means “strong” and “healthy.”

Valeria is a Spanish name that comes from the Latin verb “valēre,” which has many meanings, including being strong, healthy, and worthy. The English words “value” and “valuable” have the same Latin origin as this name.


Victoria is a Spanish name, and it is also an English name. Its resemblance to the English word “victory” is not a coincidence. Both originate from the Latin word “victōria” (which also means “victory”).

In Spanish, the name Victoria is even closer to the word for “victory” because that Spanish word is identical to the lowercase version of the name.

The name has a wide use, both in time and geographically. In Roman mythology, Victoria was a goddess of victory. Much later, in the 19th century, the United Kingdom had a Queen named Victoria. That is the origin of the term “Victorian era.”

The name Victoria has variants in many different languages, sometimes with slight differences in spelling: Vittoria (in Italian), Victoire (in French), and Viktoria (in Swedish).


Viviana is a name that likely originates from the Latin adjective “vīvus,” which means “alive.” Two names used in English, Vivian and Vivienne, have the same Latin origin as Viviana.

In Spanish, the letter ‘v’ is pronounced the same as ‘b’ (a phenomenon called betacism in linguistics). As a result, the Spanish name Bibiana has a similar pronunciation as Viviana, even though it begins with a ‘B’ instead of a ‘V.’


Verónica is a Spanish name that closely resembles its English counterpart, Veronica. The only spelling difference is the accent on the letter ‘o’ for the Spanish version. Both come from the Latin form of Berenice, a name from Ancient Greek that means “bringer of victory.”

Spanish boy names that start with 'V'

Vicente, Víctor, Victoriano

Several Spanish male names that start with ‘V’ are derived from Latin words that are related to victory. These include names such as Vicente, Víctor, and Victoriano.

Vicente corresponds to the English name Vincent (which comes from French). The origin of both names is the Latin word “vincēns,” which means “winning” or “conquering.”

The Spanish name Víctor differs from its English equivalent (Victor) through the accent on the letter ‘i’. Both have remained close in spelling to their origin, the Latin word “victor,” which means “winner” or “conqueror.”

Victoriano is a name related to Víctor.


Ventura is a first name as well as a last name in Spanish. It corresponds to the capitalized form of the Spanish word “ventura,” which means “fortune” and “luck.” In the United States, in California, there is a city and a county named Ventura.


In Spanish, Vidal is both a given name and a surname. It derives from the same Latin origin as the Spanish word “vida,” which means “life.”

Famous people with Spanish first names that begin with ‘V’

A famous namesake can make a name more attractive. Well-known individuals with Spanish first names that begin with ‘V’ include three former presidents of Mexico (Vicente Fox, Vicente Guerrero, and Victoriano Huerta), and many other individuals, some of whom are listed in the table below.

Individual Occupation
Vicente Fox Former President of Mexico
Vicente Guerrero Second President of Mexico
Vasco Núñez de Balboa Spanish explorer and conquistador
Violeta Chamorro Former President of Nicaragua
Vicente Aleixandre Spanish poet who won the Nobel Prize in Literature
Vicente Amigo Spanish flamenco guitarist
Virgilio Barco Vargas Former President of Colombia
Ventura Pons Spanish film director
Victoriano Huerta Former President of Mexico
Vicente Aranda Spanish film director
Ventura Rodríguez Spanish Architect
Viridiana Alatriste Mexican Actress
Valentín Paniagua Former President of Peru
Valeria Luiselli Mexican-American Author