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Spanish names that start with 'S'

Most likely, you have already encountered a few Spanish names that start with ‘S.’ For instance, Salvador is a name that you might recognize due to Salvador Dalí, the Spanish surrealist artist whose otherworldly paintings often feature melting clocks.

Chances are, Santiago is another name that you have also come across, if not as a Spanish male name, then at least through its use as the name of the capital of Chile.

Perhaps you have never encountered the names Sancho, Sotero, and Sinforiano. Anyway, whether you are looking for a name that is simple or sophisticated, suave or special, there may be a Spanish name starting with ‘S’ that sparks your fancy.

Spanish girl names that start with 'S'

There is a group of Spanish girl names beginning with ‘S,’ which are related to “silva,” the Latin word for “forest.” This group includes Silvia, Silvina, and Silvana. The English male name Sylvester has the same origin.

The Spanish names Sofía and Sonia are related. Sofía is the Spanish equivalent of the English name Sophia, which comes from an Ancient Greek word that means “wisdom.” Sonia corresponds to the English name Sonya; it comes from a Russian diminutive form of their version of the name Sophia.

The name Soledád comes from “María de la Soledad” (the Spanish word “soledad” means “solitude”). And Sabela is a Spanish and Galician equivalent of the name Isabel.

Spanish boy names that start with 'S'

Santiago is a Spanish male name that means “Saint James.” You will also see it on maps because it is a popular name for cities in Spanish-speaking countries, including Santiago (the capital of Chile), Santiago de Compostela (in Spain), and Santiago del Estero (in Argentina).

Sancho and Sánchez are related names. The former is a first name; the latter is a last name derived from it. Sánchez is a patronymic (a last name derived from the father’s first name). In Spanish, patronymics are formed with the suffix ‘-ez’, so Sancho leads to Sánchez, Lope to López, and Gonzalo to González.

While Spanish uses the suffix ‘-ez’ to form patronymics, English uses the suffix ‘-son’, for example, Johnson (from John), Jackson (from Jack), and Richardson (from Richard).

Some Spanish names that start with ‘S’ are shortened forms of longer names that begin with different letters. For instance, Sandro arose as a shortened form of Alessandro (the Spanish and Italian version of Alexander). And, Suso is a diminutive (nickname or short form) of the Spanish male name Jesús.

The Spanish names Salvador and Sotero share more than their initial ‘S’. Salvador is the capitalized form of the Spanish word “salvador” (meaning “savior”) which comes from “salvator,” the Latin term for “savior.” The name Sotero shares the same meaning because it comes from the corresponding Ancient Greek word.

Famous individuals with Spanish first names that begin with ‘S’

Individual Occupation
Salvador Dalí Spanish surrealist artist
Simón Bolívar Leader who liberated several South American countries from the rule of the Spanish Empire
Santiago Calatrava Spanish architect who designed the Milwaukee Art Museum
Soledad O'Brien American broadcast journalist
Soraya Arnelas Spanish pop singer
Salvador Allende Former President of Chile
Sandra Echeverría Mexican actress
Simón Díaz Singer and composer from Venezuela
Soledad Pastorutti Singer from Argentina
Sebastián Rulli Actor from Argentina

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