Spanish names that start with 'G'

Spanish names that start with ‘G’ include options like Guillermo, Gustavo, and Gonzalo for boys, alongside choices like Gloria, Graciela, and Gabriela for girls.

And plenty more that we shall see below.

Spanish girl names that start with 'G'

Spanish female name Corresponding
English name
Gracia Grace
Guillermina Wilhelmina (feminine form of Wilhelm or William)
Gertrudis Gertrude
Gabriela Gabriella
Gisela Giselle
Genoveva Genevieve


Spanish boy names that start with 'G'

Some of the Spanish male names listed above, such as Gonzalo, Guadalupe, and Generoso, don’t have widely recognizable English equivalents, whereas some others do (see table below).

Spanish male name Corresponding
English name
Guillermo William
Gilberto Gilbert
Gaspar Caspar, Jasper
Gerardo Gerard
Gregorio Gregory

Many Spanish male names that start with ‘G’ originate from Germanic languages. Examples include names like Guillermo, Gilberto, Gustavo, Gerardo, Gualberto, and Gonzalo.

Despite their Germanic origin, these names have been adapted to a distinctive spelling characteristic of the Spanish language (as well as of Italian), which features endings in ‘o’ that are not present in their equivalents among modern Germanic languages.

Guillermo (the Spanish equivalent of the English name William) starts with a ‘G’ and not a ‘W’. The difference in spelling makes sense given that the letter ‘w’ is rarely used in Spanish aside from a few loanwords like “web.”

Gonzalo is a Spanish male name that may have arisen from the same ancient Germanic root as Günther, a name found in modern German.

Of course, Spanish male names that start with ‘G’ don’t all come from Germanic languages. Some of these names, like Gabriel, Gaspar, and Gamaliel, are related to Biblical Hebrew.

Famous individuals with Spanish first names that begin with ‘G’

A famous namesake can make a name more appealing and provide a source of inspiration.

Well-known individuals with Spanish first names that start with ‘G’ include Gabriel García Márquez, the Nobel Prize-winning author of the novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude,” and many other public personalities and historical figures, some of whom appear in the table below.

Individual Occupation
Gabriel García Márquez Colombian author who wrote the novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude” and won the Nobel Prize in Literature
Guillermo del Toro Mexican film director
Gloria Estefan Cuban-American singer
Gael García Bernal Mexican actor
Gastón Acurio Peruvian culinary chef
Guadalupe Victoria First President of Mexico
Gustavo Cerati Musician from Argentina who played in the rock band “Soda Stereo”
Graciela Iturbide Mexican photographer
Gaspar Noé Filmmaker from Argentina
Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada 16th-century Spanish conquistador
Gonzalo de Berceo Spanish poet from the Middle Ages