Spanish names that start with 'B'

Spanish names that start with ‘B’ include choices for boys like Benicio, Bautista, and Bruno, alongside options for girls like Beatriz, Belén, and Blanca.

And plenty more which we shall see below.

Spanish girl names that start with 'B'


Spanish boy names that start with 'B'

Some of the Spanish male names in the list above have English equivalents. For instance:

Spanish name Corresponding English name
Balduino Baldwin
Bertrán Bertram
Blas Blaise
Benedicto Benedict
Benjamín Benjamin
Bernardo Bernard
Baltazar Balthazar
Bartolomé Bartholomew
Basilio Basil
Bernabé Barnabas, Barnaby, Barney

Then there are Spanish names such as Balbino, Braulio, Brais, Baudilio, and Baldomero that don’t have widely recognized English equivalents.


Note that some Spanish names are also Italian names, which is not surprising given that both languages evolved from Latin.

Famous individuals with Spanish first names that begin with ‘B’

A famous namesake can give extra appeal to a name and provide a source of inspiration. Famous individuals with Spanish first names that begin with ‘B’ include many actors, including Benicio del Toro, Blanca Suárez, and Belén Rueda.

Individual Occupation
Benicio del Toro Actor
Blanca Suárez Spanish actress
Bartolomé Esteban Murillo 17th-century Spanish painter
Belén Rueda Spanish actress
Belén Cuesta Spanish actress
Beatriz Luengo Spanish musician
Basilio Martín Patino Spanish film director
Blas de Otero Spanish poet
Benito Pérez Galdós Spanish novelist
Belisario Betancur Former President of Colombia
Bartolomé Mitre Former President of Argentina
Begoña Vargas Spanish actress