Spanish names that start with 'A'

Spanish girl names that start with 'A'


The Spanish female names Ascensión and Asunción look similar. The first is related to Ascension Day (39 days after Easter); the second is connected to Assumption Day (celebrated on August 15).

The female name Amparo comes from the Spanish word “amparo” which can mean “protection” or “shelter.”

Araceli is a shortened form of “María de Araceli.” The term comes from the Latin words “ara” (meaning “altar”) and “coeli” (meaning “of the sky” or “of heaven”).

Azucena is a Spanish name that corresponds to the English name Lily (the Spanish word “azucena” means “lily”).

Some Spanish names come from the Basque Language. Among those, the ones that start with ‘A’ include Aránzazu, Amaya, Arantxa, Ainhoa, and Ainara.

Spanish boy names that start with 'A'

A like Amor (“love” in Spanish and Latin)

Spanish names that start with ‘A’ include a group of names connected to “amor,” the word for “love” in Spanish and Latin. This group includes names like Amador, Amado, Amancio, and Amadeo.

The first name in this group, Amador, comes from the Latin word “amator,” which means “lover.”

Next comes Amado, a name corresponding to the capitalized form of the Spanish adjective “amado,” which means “beloved.”

Amancio is the Spanish version of the Latin name Amantius, which means “loving.”

Amadeo is a name that may seem familiar because it is the Spanish version of the Latin name Amadeus, which is the second name of Mozart (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart). Amadeus combines the Latin verb “amo” (“to love”) with the word “deus” (which means “god”).

Antonio, Alejandro, and Alejo

Antonio is the Spanish form of the Latin name Antonius. Many different languages have their version of this name, such as Anthony (in English), Antoine (in French), and Anton (in Dutch).

Alejandro and Alejo are related Spanish names that originate from Ancient Greek. They use the letter ‘j’ instead of the ‘x’ used in the corresponding English names, Alexander and Alexis. This spelling pattern is also visible in some Spanish vocabulary words like “ejercicio” (exercise), ejemplo (example), and complejo (complex).

Andrés and Aniceto

Andrés is a Spanish name related to the Ancient Greek word for “man,” which, by the way, is also the root of the English word “android.” Many languages have versions of this name, for example, Andrew (in English), André (in French), and Andreas (in German)

The Spanish name Aniceto originates from an ancient Greek word that means “unconquered” or “invincible.” The initial letter ‘A’ is due to the prefix “a-,” which means “not.”

Famous people with Spanish first names that begin with ‘A’

A famous namesake can make a name more attractive and provide a source of inspiration. Several well-known individuals have Spanish first names that begin with ‘A’, including three film directors (Alejandro González Iñárritu, Alfonso Cuarón, Alejandro Amenábar) and several actors and musicians.

Individual Occupation
Antonio Banderas Spanish actor who starred in many movies directed by Pedro Almodóvar, including the film “La piel que habito” (The Skin I Live In)
Alejandro González Iñárritu Mexican film director known for movies like “Amores perros,” “21 Grams,” “Babel,” and “Birdman”
Alfonso Cuarón Mexican film director known for the movie “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”
Alejandro Sanz Spanish musician
Alvaro Soler Spanish-German singer
Armando Manzanero Mexican singer-songwriter
Alejandro Amenábar Chilean-Spanish film director known for the movie “The Others” starring Nicole Kidman
Amparo Grisales Colombian actress
Amelia Vega Dominican actress and model
Antonio Muñoz Molina Spanish novelist