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Japanese names that start with 'H'

Japanese girl names that start with 'H'

An important feature of Japanese names is that they often have several possible spellings. Each spelling comes with its meaning that arises from the combined meanings of the individual Kanji characters in that particular spelling.

For example, possible spellings for the name Haruko include 春子 (“spring child”) and 晴子 (“clear weather child”).

Those who love nature-themed names will find plenty of attractive choices among Japanese girl names that start with ‘H’ because words like 春 (haru), which refers to the spring season, and 花 (hana) which means “flower” appear at the beginning of several of these names.

To make browsing the Japanese girl names listed above easier, we have organized some of them into groups according to the initial Kanji character in one of their common spellings.

The first group of Japanese names that begin with ‘H’ are those that can be spelled using the Kanji character 春 (haru), which refers to the spring season. Here are examples of such names:

Name Possible Spelling Possible Meaning
Haruko 春子 春 (haru): spring
子 (ko): child
Haruna 春菜 春 (haru): spring
菜 (na): greens
Harue 春恵 春 (haru): spring
恵 (e): blessing
Haruyo 春代 春 (haru): spring
代 (yo): generation
Haruno 春野 春 (haru): spring
野 (no): field

The Japanese word 初 (hatsu) means “first”. That kanji character also appears in terms like 初恋 (hatsukoi), which means “first love.”

One of the challenging aspects of the Japanese language is that Kanji characters can have several different readings (or pronunciations) depending on the word in which they appear.

For instance, the reading of the character 初 is “sho” (instead of “hatsu”) in the word 初心 (shoshin), a term that can be translated as “beginner’s mind” and refers, in the context of Zen, to an attitude that is open and free of preconceptions.

Name Possible Spelling Possible Meaning
Hatsue 初枝 初 (hatsu): first
枝 (e): branch
Hatsune 初音 初 (hatsu): first
音 (ne): sound
Hatsumi 初美 初 (hatsu): first
美 (mi): beauty

The Japanese word 花 (hana) means “flower.” That Kanji character appears in flower-related terms such as 生け花 (ikebana), which refers to the art of flower arrangement, and 花束 (hanataba), which refers to a bouquet.

Name Possible Spelling Possible Meaning
Hana 花 (hana): flower
Hanako 花子 花 (hana): flower
子 (ko): child, girl
Hanae 花絵 花 (hana): flower
絵 (e): picture

Japanese boy names that start with 'H'

Name Possible Spelling Possible Meaning
Hiroyuki 博之 博 (hiro): command
之 (yuki): this
Hiroto 博人 博 (hiro): command
人 (to): person
Hiroaki 博明 博 (hiro): command
明 (aki): bright, clear
Hirofumi 博文 博 (hiro): command
文 (fumi): sentence, literature
Hirokazu 博和 博 (hiro): command
和 (kazu): harmony, peace
Hiroya 博也 博 (hiro): command
也 (ya): to be

Famous people with Japanese first names that begin with ‘H’

A famous namesake can provide additional appeal to a name. In the case of Japanese first names that start with ‘H’, there are some very famous people with such names.

These include, in particular, the author Haruki Murakami and the film director Hayao Miyazaki. Additional examples are listed in the table below.

Name Occupation
Hayao Miyazaki Animator, film director, and co-founder of Studio Ghibli
Haruki Murakami Internationally popular Japanese author whose novels include “1Q84” and “Norwegian Wood”
Hirokazu Kore-eda Japanese filmmaker (he won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival for his movie “Shoplifters”)
Hiro Mashima Manga artist who created the series “Fairy Tail”
Hiromu Arakawa Manga artist who created the “Fullmetal Alchemist” series
Hironobu Sakaguchi Creator of the “Final Fantasy” video game series
Hiroya Oku Manga artist who created the series “Gantz”
Hajime Isayama Manga artist who created the series “Attack on Titan”

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