Italian phrases for making friends

It’s always a good idea to try and make new friends. And if they are native speakers of the language you are learning...even better! You would also have the opportunity to practice and improve your Italian language skills!

If you meet an Italian person who sparks your interest, you may want to know how to approach them. What are the most common Italian questions to ask in order to get to know them? How to establish a friendship?

Italian icebreaker questions to make friends

Let’s start with the basics. Imagine that you are introduced for the first time to an Italian person by someone you already know. You don’t want to stay there silent all along, do you? In order to start a conversation in Italian, you will want to use these Italian get-to-know-each-other questions:

Expressing preferences and opinions in Italian

Real connections are created by sharing opinions and preferences. What if you’re incompatible together? The only way to find it out is by deepening the conversation a little.

For doing this the following Italian phrases will come in handy:

Keep in mind: the two key Italian verbs for talking about preferences are preferire and piacere. Whereas, when discussing opinions, make sure you remember these formulas: Cosa ne pensi di…? and Sei d’accordo con…?

Inviting and making arrangements with your Italian friends

You and your almost-new friend passed the compatibility test, and you would like to meet them again. Fantastic! But how would you invite them? Here are some useful phrases to make arrangements:

Sometimes we are busy and can’t accept our friends’ proposals. Some other times, unexpected events force us to change our plans. What would you say in these instances?

Staying in touch with your new Italian friends

Any relationship requires some level of commitment. So, at some point, you may want to learn some phrases to stay in touch with your recent acquaintances:

If you enjoy someone’s company and you would like to spend more time with them, you should tell them:

Moreover, nowadays one of the most common ways to stay in touch is through social media… like it or not! In Italian, you could, for instance, say:

Old-school ways never die. There are still some people out there who prefer a phone call or an instant message. If you are one of those – or your new pal is – one of the Italian ways to ask for their number is:

On a related note, you may perhaps be interested in reading this other article on how to write emails and letters in Italian.

Nurturing friendships and expressing your feelings in Italian

We started the previous section with an incomplete sentence, but it’s just to create some suspense! Truth is, any relationship requires some level of constant commitment. In spite of differences among people and their relational behavior, it is important to keep nurturing our friendships.

This can be done by reminding your friends, from time to time, that you love them! In Italian, there are two different phrases to express love. Usually "Ti amo" is used in romantic relationships, whereas friends would say:

Some other phrases to let them know what they mean to you are:

Moreover, to emphasize your mutual companionship and express your gratitude, you could tell them the following:

Italian proverbs about friendship

Proverbs are fun and simple, yet they often hold the wisest truths. Besides, it’s also through them that we can get an idea of how Italians interpret friendships.

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