French names that end in 'ette'

In French, the suffix “-ette” creates words referring to a smaller version of the original concept. For instance, this suffix turns “fille” (girl) into “fillette” (little girl), and “maison” (house) into “maisonnette” (small house or cottage). When applied to names, this suffix can give an affectionate, delicate, and endearing feel.

An “ette” ending indicates that a French name is female. These names can be classified into two categories. The first group consists of those derived from a male name. For example, Bernadette is derived from Bernard. In these cases, the “ette” ending serves to produce a female equivalent of a male name.

The second category consists of those formed from existing female names. For example, Lucette originates from the female name Lucie, and Sylvette is derived from Sylvie. In these cases, the “ette” ending gives the name a delicate and affectionate feel.

List of French names that end in “ette”

Very rare French names that end in “ette”