Filipino phrases for compliments

Filipinos are known for not being that good when it comes to confrontation.

Somehow, this has affected the way they respond to straightforward communication. As a result, many Filipinos are not comfortable with receiving compliments. They would rather choose to be modest, and are usually uncomfortable when someone praises them for their performance.

When someone compliments a Filipino to their face, whether it’s a foreigner or a fellow Filipino, their first reaction would be one of suspicion: Ano na naman kaya ang kailangan nito?   “What does this person need from me this time?”

This attitude is evident in the Filipino culture of courtship. When courted, a Filipina would often say, Binobola mo naman ako eh. “Stop fooling around with me.” When praised for her beauty, she would sarcastically say, Wala akong barya dito. “I don’t have any spare change here.”

Meanwhile, Filipino men are usually referred to as torpe, a term that describes a man who doesn’t know how to express his romantic feelings.

That said, giving a compliment is a skill that every learner of the Filipino language should master. In this entry, you’re going to learn some of the top phrases for giving compliments in Filipino. Not only that. You are also going to learn some romantic Filipino phrases to help you make that first impression last.

1. Filipino Phrases for Complimenting Someone’s Appearance

Giving compliments always begins with praising someone for how they look. Many Filipinos tend to be brand-conscious. Even if they won’t admit it, they often want to be noticed whenever they’re wearing something new, whether it’s a pair of shoes, a shirt, or even a cap.

If you want to be generous with compliments to your Filipino friends, colleagues, or loved ones, here are the top expressions to help you get started.

Ang pogi mo ngayon ah!
“You look handsome today!”
Ang ganda mo naman.
“You’re so pretty.”
Wow! Blooming ka ah!
“Wow! You seem to be glowing!”
Ang kinis ng balat mo no?
“You know what, your skin is so smooth.”
Ang seksi mo naman.
“You’re so sexy.”
Ang kyut mo talaga!
“You’re so cute!”
Bagay sa’yo ang suot mo.
“Your attire suits you well.”
Ayos ang gupit mo ah!
“Your new haircut looks great!”
Gusto ko iyang sapatos mo. Ang ganda.
“I like your shoes. They’re really nice.”
Astig yang maong mo ah! Bago ba yan?
“Those jeans are cool! Are they new?”
Bongga ang damit mo!
“That dress is lovely!”
Uy, Doc Martens ang suot niya! Astig!
“Hey, he’s wearing Doc Martens! Cool!”

2. Filipino Phrases for Complimenting Someone’s Performance

This time, let’s learn some phrases you can use to compliment someone’s performance. No one in the world is as hardworking as Filipinos. While many Filipinos would think you have a hidden agenda by praising their work, most Filipinos have learned to accept appreciation in a more positive manner. Learning the right words to say would also help you sound more sincere when complimenting someone’s performance.

Ang galing mo naman.
“You’re so good!”
Magaling ka talaga.
“You are really good.”
Maganda itong ginawa mo.
“What you’ve done here is great.”
Gusto ko iyang ginawa mo.
“I like what you did there.”
Masarap ka talagang magluto.
“You are really good at cooking.”
Mahusay ka talagang kumanta!
“You do sing really well!”
Ang galing mo talagang sumayaw!
“You are really good at dancing!”
Turuan mo naman ako.
“Please teach me.”
Baka naman pwede mo akong turuan?
“I was wondering if you could teach me.”
Mahusay ang pagkakagawa mo nito.
“You did a wonderful job with this one.”
Ikaw na!(Literally, “You already!”)
“You’re the man!”
Alam mo ba na ang ganda ng boses mo?
“Do you realize that you have a beautiful voice?”
Hindi ko kaya iyang ginagawa mo.
“I can’t do what you’re doing.”
Bilib na bilib talaga ako sa’yo.
“I’m really impressed with you.”
Bakit ba ang galing mo?
“How come you’re so good?”

3. Filipino Phrases for Complimenting Someone’s Personal Traits

Filipinos have many positive traits you can praise them for. Here are phrases to show how much you appreciate a Filipino friend or loved one for a special quality they have.

Nakakahawa ang ngiti mo.
“Your smile is contagious.”
Magaling ka talagang magpatawa.
“You really have a good sense of humor.”
Masaya ka talagang kasama.
“You’re really fun to be with.”
Sana matapang din ako kagaya mo.
“I wish I was as brave as you.”
Napakabait mo talaga.
“You’re truly very kind.”
Mahusay ang mga ideya mo.
“You have the best ideas.”
Bilib ako sa pagkamalikhain mo.
“I love your creativity.”
Hanga ako sa katatagan mo.
“I am impressed with your resilience.”
Isa kang inspirasyon sa mga kasama mo.
“You are an inspiration to your peers.”
Mahusay ka talagang magsalita, alam mo ba yun?
“You can really speak well, did you know that?”
Magaling ka talagang tagapakinig, ano?
“You’re such a good listener, aren’t you?”

4. Telling Someone You’re Attracted to Them in Filipino

Courtship in the Philippines has gone a long way. Once upon a time, a young Filipino man would have to showcase his feelings by delivering love riddles to his beloved and her parents. And then entered the harana or serenade, which became the most popular gesture of courtship in the country. Today, young Filipinos prefer to court via instant messaging. Countless individuals have met the love of their life through Facebook and other similar social media sites.

It was not only the style of courtship that changed. Filipino men nowadays are no longer torpe, and even the ladies are not embarrassed at making the first move. If you want to make the first move yourself, here are some basic Tagalog phrases on how to express your romantic feelings for someone. These are not necessarily pickup lines, but hey, you never know.

Ang ganda/pogi mo.
“You’re pretty/handsome.”
Nagagandahan/Nagagwapuhan ako sa’yo.
“I find you pretty/handsome.”
Para sa akin, ikaw ang pinakamagandang babae.
“To me, you’re the most beautiful girl around.”
Gusto kita.
“I like you.”
Pwede ba kitang ligawan?
“Can I court you?”
Pwede bang umakyat ng ligaw?
“Can I court you?”

5. Telling Someone You Want To Be With Them

The ones we’ve just covered are straightforward ways to tell someone you like them or would want to court them. Some Filipinos like it when you take things slow. If you want to tell someone you like them in a more subtle way, you can start with the following phrases:

Pwedeng mahingi ang numero mo?
“May I have your number?”
May Facebook ka ba?
“Do you have Facebook?”
May gagawin ka ba sa Sabado?
“Are you doing anything this Saturday?”
Labas tayo sa Linggo.
“Let’s go out on Sunday.”
abihin mo lang kung gusto mo ng kasama.
“Just let me know if you need some company.”
Pwede ba kitang dalawin sa inyo minsan?
“Is it okay if I visited you sometime?”

6. Basic Filipino Romantic Phrases

Love knows no bounds. And for someone who’s in love, it doesn’t matter if getting close to the person they care for means learning a new language. If your object of affection speaks Filipino, you’re in luck, as Filipino romantic phrases are not that too hard to learn by heart. That said, here are a few that could come in handy in the future.

Mahal kita.
“I love you.”
Iniibig kita.
“I love you.”
Mahal na mahal kita.
“I love you very much.”
Ikaw lang ang iniibig ko.
“You’re the only one I love.”
Ikaw lang ang para sa akin.
“You’re the only one for me.”
Gagawin ko kahit ano para sa’yo.
“I’ll do anything for you.”
Ikaw ang inspirasyon ko.
“You’re my inspiration.”
Ikaw ang buhay ko.
“You are my life.”
Ikaw ang mundo ko.
“You are my world.”
Ikaw ang lahat sa akin.
“You are everything to me.”
Totoo ang nararamdaman ko para sa’yo.
“My feelings for you are genuine.”
Mamahalin kita hamambuhay.
“I will love you forever.”

7. Telling Someone How Much They Mean To You

Telling someone that they are important to you in a romantic way goes beyond saying Mahal kita or “I love you.” Here are other expressions you can use to tell your darling how special they are to you.

Palagi kitang iniisip.
“I’m always thinking of you.”
Hindi kita maalis sa isipan ko.
“I can’t get you out of my mind.”
Napakaimportante mo sa buhay ko.
“You are very important in my life.”
Ayaw kong mawala ka sa buhay ko.
“I don’t want to lose you in my life.”
Ikaw lang ang nakakapagpaligaya sa akin.
“You’re the only one who makes me happy.”
Binibigyan mo ng kahulugan ang buhay ko.
“You give meaning to my life.”
Kailangan kita.
“I need you.”
Hindi ko kaya na wala ka.
“I can’t do it without you.”
Walang-wala ako kung wala ka.
“I am nothing without you.”
Binago mo ang buhay ko.
“You changed my life.”
Hindi kumpleto ang araw ko kapag hindi kita nakikita.
“My day is incomplete when I don’t see you.”
Wala kang katulad.
“There is no one like you.”